4 Flutes (3rd and 4th doubl. Picc.)

3 Oboes (3rd doubl. E.H.)

3 Clarinets in Bb (3rd doubl. B. Cl.)

3 Bassoons (3rd doubl. D. Bsn.)

4 Horns in F

4 Trumpets in C

4 Trombones

1 Tuba

Percussion (4 players: 1. Timpani, 2. 16″ Tom + Woodblock + Vibraphone (Arco), 3. 16″ Tom + Woodblock, 4. Gran Cassa + Woodblock)



Violin I (Div.)

Violin II (Div.)

Viola (Div.)

Violoncello (Div.)

Double Bass (Div.)


12 min.

Score extract, opening bars


This is the sea (1985)

Lyrics and chords

(M. Scott/K. Wallinger, 1985)


Intro: Em Bm7 A G Em B A G


             Em                                         Bm7

Here we are in a special place, what are you gonna do here?

             Em                                   Bm7

Here we standing in a special place, what will you do here?

                      C                                      Em

What show of soul are we gonna get from you?

                     C                                          Em

It could be deliverance, history under these skies so blue

                      C               Am                     D                           Em             Bm7

it’s something true, but if I know you you’ll bang the drum like monkeys do


              Em                                           Bm7

Here we are in a fabulous place, what are you gonna dream here?

              Em                                      Bm7

We are standing in this fabulous place, what will you play here?


I know you love the high life,


you love to leap around,        you love to beat your chest and

C                                                                 Em

make your sound but not here man – this is sacred ground


with a Power flowing through

         Am                       D                         Em

And if I know you you’ll bang the drum like monkeys do


Bm7  C  D  Em  B  A  G


             Em                             Bm7                                                   C

Here we stand on a rocky shore,       your father stood here before you

                                               D                          Bm7                C

I can see his ghost explore you,        I can feel the sea implore you

                        D Em Bm7 C                        D                  Em

Not to pass on by,                 Not to walk on by and not to try

                    Bm7                        C       D                Em

Just to let it come, don’t bang the drum.     Just let it come

                        Bm7 C D                    Em   Bm7 C D

Don’t bang the drum        Just to let it come


Em Bm7 C D

(until the end)

Don’t bang the drum

Do you know how to let it come now?

Don’t bang the drum now

Don’t bang the drum



Waterboys at Wikipedia


Berlin, April 2012

Extract, Swedish Radios Symphony Orchestra, Conductor Andreas Hansson, 03.06.2015