A soundinstallation about the Nulliparous or Not-Mothers.

A comission from the Interzone- International Festival of Contemporary Music, Novi Sad, Serbia.

16. oktober 2013

Liv Kristin Holmberg (concept / director / performer)

A polyphonic installation

Are we obliged as living creatures to create new lifes?

As a woman, I am the bearer of the world’s unborn child. Thus, I can look at my life as a possibility for your life. I can be another human being’s mother, fate, god.

This work examining the reasons to refuse. To refuse to give birth.

The soundinstallation is based on the book “Kaddish for an unborn child” by Imre Kertész. A polyphonic installation about the unborn children of the world, where poetry, philosophy and genuine experiences about giving life and to voluntarily refrain.


Is it true that having children is a natural consequence of a love meeting?

And a trancendental commitment to human life?

Not-Mothers or women who voluntarily choose not to become a mother, experiencing stigma in our society. Why?

Is it because to not want to have children appears to be so provocative for the heterosexual order?

Is it because an adult woman without children is perceived by many as an abortive woman?

The stigmatization says something about the dominant status of biology and reproductive functions have in the construction of gender in our society.

This is an attempt to give room and voice to the women who let their children remain unborn.


Text: Liv Kristin Holmberg

Photo: Lazar Curcin



Liv Kristin Holmberg


Berlin, october 2013