Main movement

Book cover (1997)

”, from my point of view, one long poem with recurring pictures and words that varies with and against each other. This poem could remind of a fugue. When we return to the starting point the poem has changed, since we as readers have conquered its ending. The spiral is broadened”.


”Now it’s finally over. My hand lies still and enjoys being a hand and being still. Today is a happy day. The snow is searching its way into our rooms. It covers the objects and persons with crystals. Sharp and hard, like poems that you refuse to acknowledge”.

The two texts are used as an inspiration with Kristian’s permission. It is at the same time my modest homage to him and his texts that have been of great importance and influence for me during many years. The piece is composed for the Pearls before Swine Experience / Stockholm. (Pärlor för Svin).

Text: Kristian Lundberg.

Translation: Stefan Thorsson.


First performance at the Baltic Art Center (BAC) 2003 in Visby, Sweden.

From left to right: Mårten Landström, Sara Hammarström, George Kentros, Mats Olofsson


15 min.




Copenhagen, june 2003

Extract (intro) from the first performance at BAC in Visby, Sweden, may 2003. Performed by The Pearls before Swine experience.