DIR: Jacob Dammas

2007 / Denmark, Poland / 26 min

Introduction and background

In the late 1960’s, four strong men from a local bar in Wroclaw in southwest Poland carried a 150 kg heavy German-made ”credenza” from one side of the Zgodna street to the other. Then it disappeared.

Against the will of his mother, the filmmaker and son sets out to find the vanished piece of furniture in the place his family escaped 40 years ago, and finds a new perspective on the emigration. In sensitive and tragicomical observations, shot mise-en-scène in one building, this wild goose chase can also be seen as a social experiment about how much we are an oblivious product of history.

The background are the mysterious and dramatic spring months of 1968 in Poland – a time that until today evokes a lot of controversy inside Poland while it is largely unheard of outside.



Jacob Dammas


Berlin, february 2008