After working with the string quartet for almost one year, I decided to write shorter pieces for piano – one piece per month – during 2011. It’s a mixture of revised older material and new compositions.

One should not regard them as trying to develop contemporary sounds and playing techniques for the instrument, they are rather some specific investigations in different rhythmical structures. I see this catalogue of investigations as maybe more useful on an institutional than professional level.

The studies are connected to different stylistic idioms. Here you can find anything from romantic to modern expression and harmony, from simple, childish melodies to contemporary virtuosity. The durations differ from fifty seconds to about three minutes at a maximum. The duration for the complete eleven studies is approximately sixteen minutes.

Due to the fact that I in the end of 2011 simultaneously was working on The Shadows; a longer work for two pianos, there was no time for the twelfth and last piece in December. Titles are often of great importance for me, but for these shorter pieces it didn’t come natural to me. The titles are therefore: No. 1-11, January – November.

Extracts (opening bars)

No. 1 – January
No. 2 – February
No. 4 – April
No. 6 – June
No. 8 – August
No. 10 – October


Berlin, november 2011

Midi No. 1 - January

Midi No. 2 - February

Midi No. 3 - March

Midi No. 4 - April

Midi No. 5 - May

Midi No. 6 - June

Midi No. 7 - July

Midi No. 8 - August

Midi No. 9 - September

Midi No. 10 - October

Midi No. 11 - November